Mega Block™ (patented) Ceramic Fiber Car Furnace Reline

One Example of RIFCO's Relines

Project Scope:

  • Removed Burners, Burner Tiles, All Refractory and Existing Furnace Shell
  • Stripped Furnace Car to Steel Sub-structure
  • Re-line Entire Furnace with Mega Block™ (patented) Ceramic Fiber Lining Mounted to Expanded Metal
  • Re-mounted Burner Tiles and Burners, Making All Necessary Connections (i.e. piping and electrical)
  • Designed, Build and Installed All New Flues, Dampers and Related Hardware and Controls
  • Designed, Build and Installed a New Door, Door Lift and Door Closure System
  • Rebuild the Car Hearth Using a "Low-mass Hearth" Refractory Design
  • Designed, Built and Installed a new Car to Furnace Seal System, Replacing the Original Sand Seal Design

Project Results:

  •  Dramatically Reduced Fuel Consumption, Leading to a Complete Financial Justification in Less Than 9 Months
  • Improved Temperature Uniformity and Subsequent Product Quality
  • Substantially Reduced Start-up Time to Temperature