RIFCO'S Exclusive “In-Wall”™ Flues

Our Exclusive “In-Wall”™ Flues:

Although we can not take credit for the “in the wall” flue design, as it can sometimes be found today in very old furnace designs utilizing very thick brick walls, we have found an effective way to take advantage of this design concept with ceramic fiber linings, namely with our Mega Block™(patented) ceramic fiber lining described above. The net result is dramatically improved temperature uniformity.

The “In-Wall”™ flue design allows us to flue products of combustion at numerous low points spaced evenly along both sides of each side wall forcing flue gases downward against there natural tendency to rise. This flue configuration provides the ultimate design for flue gas distribution. We split the volumetric requirements between these “in the wall” flues and standard flues with dampers for control of total flue gas discharge.

Application Shown:

  • Upper wall mounted burners fired above the load with hearth level flue openings
  • Flues positioned between each burner and are internal of the horizontal layered fiber as seen