Mega Block™ (Patented)

*Mega Block is a patented ceramic fiber attachment system which allows the application of ceramic fiber at elevated temperatures in a semi-monolithic configuration.  This system compensates for the inherent fiber shrinkage that occurs at temperature optimizing insulation performance and substantially reduces insulation related downtime and structural damage.

The Technical Advantages of This System

  • Attachment Hardware is 100% Stainless Steel
  • Hardware can be Attached to Plate OR Expanded Metal
  • Hardware is Welded to the Chosen Backing Prior to the Fiber Being Added, Which Allows a Visible Weld as Compared to the Blind Weld that Occurs With Many of the 12"x12" Module Systems
  • System Allows the Fiber to be Uniformly Compressed to Compensate for Fiber Shrinkage at Elevated Temperatures
  • System Allows for Design Flexibility, Such as Attachment to Curved and Angled Surfaces, Varying Thicknesses from 4" to 12" or Even Thicker in Certain Custom Applications
  • Completed Mega Block™ Panels Can be Virtually Any Shape or Size if Constructed in the Field, and if Built in Our Shop
  • Only Limitation is the Ability to Handle and Ship the Completed Panel
  • The "Cross Matrix" Design of the Attachment Hardware Provides the Most Durable Attachment System Available
  • Fiber Folds are Not Only Held Using Stainless Rods in the Folds of the Fiber, but Additional Stainless Rods Through the Fiber Perpendicular to the Fold