Mega Block™ (patented) Ceramic Fiber Lining System


The Mega Block™ (patented) ceramic fiber lining is a pre-engineered full wall style insulation system and is the most effective ceramic fiber system available anywhere. The patented attachment system compensates for the inherent shrinkage of ceramic fiber at elevated temperatures by providing predetermined and consistent finished densities. This insulation system is the most durable and long lasting system available. In addition, the cross matrix attachment design makes this ceramic fiber insulating system the most resistant to mechanical abuse and vibration.


New Furnace Construction

We have incorporated our Mega Block™ (patented) ceramic fiber linings in both new furnaces of our own design and construction, as well as, providing/installing them for other OEM’s.

Relines & Retrofits

The Mega Block™ (patented) ceramic fiber lining is very well applied to re-lining and retrofitting existing furnaces. It was originally intended for just this purpose. Since it is pre-engineered and pre-fabricated, it often requires less down time for the re-line project than traditional competitive linings. 

Expanded Metal Furnace Shell Option


Using an expanded metal shell offers several advantages. The shell weight can be reduced substantially with a net gain in strength. This advantage is particularly important when considering door drive and counter weight requirements. In addition, should the lining be damaged in operation, expanded metal will vent any excessive shell temperature which tends to localize / minimize the potential damage. And, in some cases, minor repairs can be performed through the expanded metal without bringing the furnace down or out of service.


(Available for Both Expanded Metal and Plate Furnace Casing Applications)