RIFCO’s Exclusive “Push-In”™ Style Furnace to Car Seals

Our Exclusive “Push-In”™ Style furnace to car

This feature has proven to be the most effective car furnace seal system available, improving both furnace efficiencies and furnace temperature uniformity. It consists of pneumatically operated Mega Block™ (patented) ceramic fiber lined seal segments which when energized are forced against the lower side wall and the side of the furnace car. When retracted they provide unrestricted movement of the furnace car. This design is self centering and adjusting for incomparable positive and repeatable car to furnace seals which require very little maintenance over their long service life.

Most importantly, the seal is maintained between the furnace and the car refractory NOT between the steel or alloy components of either. In fact, in most cases we can eliminate costly alloy fabrications or castings typically used in these areas.

(Available for both new construction and retrofits to existing car bottom furnaces)